About the Organisations

Education and health are essential cornerstones for the wellbeing of a population. Both combine to support any individual and collective progress and any social betterment. Any deficiency affecting them will hamper the self-realization of those concerned. This explains the choice by Dalida and Robert of the beneficiaries of their charity walk :

Centre Etoile de Mer of Roches-Noires

T1diams Association

Those two causes need help… YOUR help. Dalida and Robert heartily invite you to walk with them all along their charity walk. They also invite you to be generous… to contribute so that these NGOs may be self-sufficient and have the financial means to achieve their goals.


The origins of the St James Way are way back in history… It forms part of the historical evolution of both Spain and Christianity. Many websites are dedicated to this subject and to the pilgrimage which brings thousands of people to Santiago de Compostela each year.